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Protection solution for pH meter electrode

The protection solution for pH meter electrode is a special solution used to store and protect pH meter electrodes. Its main function is to prevent the electrode from drying out and contaminating, extending the service life of the electrode and maintaining the sensitivity and accuracy of the electrode.

  pH glass electrode

The membrane of the pH electrode is made of potassium-containing glass, with KCl saturated solution inside as an internal reference solution. In order to make the ion exchange on the glass membrane reach the standard state after use, it needs to be soaked in KCl, which will protect the electrode, effectively prevent the loss of the reference solution, extend the use time of the electrode, and keep its original pH potential balance unchanged, so that the measurement will be more accurate.

 digital ph meter

The electrode protection solution is usually a solution with appropriate pH value and ion concentration to ensure that the electrode is not damaged or deformed during storage. It can prevent the glass membrane in the electrode from drying out and breaking, and maintain the sensitivity and responsiveness of the electrode.

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