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Constant temperature and humidity incubator test case selection

 Constant temperature and humidity tester test case selection

The environment or the reliability test for each category, quantity, value and tolerance to environmental factors have strict requirements, and eliminate the environmental factors required for the non test involved, in order to test or the test after the judgment and analysis of product failure and fault mode, provide exact basis, so the requirements of environmental test equipment in addition to providing the environmental conditions, are not allowed to try to be the product of additional environmental stress interference.

Will be test products (components, components, or whole) tests were performed in constant temperature and humidity test instrument, in order to ensure the product being tested around the atmosphere can be specified to meet the test standard environmental conditions, constant temperature and humidity test instrument working space size and test product dimensions between should follow the following rules:

One, the product being tested volume (W * D * H) shall not exceed the space of test box to work effectively (20-35 recommended 20). For fever of the product  in the trial  is recommended for not more than 30.

Two, the product being tested on the windward area of work and box test the section chamber total area ratio is not more than (35-50) (recommended 35).

Three, participants should maintain at least 100-150 mm product contour surface from the chamber wall distance.

Environmental testing equipment must has the advantages of safety, convenient operation, reliable use, long service life and so on, to ensure that the test itself is normal.

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