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Turbidity meter usage tips

Turbidity meter is mainly used to test the turbidity of water samples and is a commonly used testing instrument. It can measure the turbidity of water samples in water plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and the field.

handheld turbidimeter 

When using a turbidimeter for water quality testing, pay attention to the following points:

1. Sample preparation

Select the appropriate sample to ensure that the sample properties are consistent with the parameters that need to be measured. Proper sample handling includes gently shaking the vial to evenly distribute air bubbles and suspended matter and using a filter to remove impurities.

2. Instrument status

Make sure that the turbidity meter is used in an environment that meets the working conditions, such as temperature, humidity, power supply and voltage. The measuring cell must be kept clean, dry and dust-free for a long time. At the same time, the instrument should be placed horizontally on a balanced table and effectively avoid direct strong light.

3. Use of cuvettes

During the measurement process, the light path of the cuvette must be kept clean without any dirty spots, and the sides and bottom must be free of water stains. If use an old cuvette, add "0" water at the same time before sample testing to measure and correct the position difference (cylinder difference) of the sample cup.

water turbidity analyzer 

4. Measurement operation

During measurement, the sample cup needs to be placed carefully and steadily to avoid liquid samples from splashing into the sample cup chamber. The sample cup should be kept clean, and avoid touching the light-transmitting parts when taking and placing the sample cup. The water sample should be slowly injected into the sample cup to avoid bubbles, otherwise it will affect the stability of the measurement value.

5. Instrument maintenance

Non-professional maintenance technicians are not allowed to open the instrument for repairing. After repair, the water turbidity meter must be recalibrated. At the same time, the instrument should not be turned on continuously for more than a certain time. The specific time is determined according to the instrument manual.

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