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Precautions for Dissolved Oxygen Meter

As people's attention to water quality safety continues to increase, dissolved oxygen meters, as an important water quality monitoring equipment, are gradually becoming more and more popular. The dissolved oxygen meter can quickly and accurately measure the dissolved oxygen concentration in water samples.

water dissolved oxygen meter 

Precautions for dissolved oxygen do meter:

1. Calibrate once a day before use by the water-saturated gas method. Even if the machine is turned off within a day, there is no need to calibrate again.

2. The temperature during calibration and measurement should not be too different.

3. If the reading is abnormal, the dissolved oxygen meter membrane must be replaced (for example, the reading is unstable or does not stabilize from high to low after starting up).

4. When replacing the membrane of the dissolved oxygen meter, there should be no bubbles left in the electrolyte. The membrane should not be wrinkled, and the excess membrane should be cut off.

5. The dissolved oxygen membrane must be replaced when the sensor electrolyte dries out.

6. When replacing the dissolved oxygen membrane, use deionized or distilled water to rinse away the old electrolyte, drip in the new electrolyte and shake it dry.

7. It can be used after replacing the cover film. The ordinary film should be left overnight after replacement.

8. If the surface of the dissolved oxygen membrane is contaminated, it must be cleaned carefully to avoid damaging the membrane.

9. It is recommended to replace the dissolved oxygen membrane every 2-4 weeks, but if the water quality conditions are good and the maintenance is proper, it can be replaced once every six months, provided that each calibration reading is normal.

10. If bubbles continue to appear at the bottom during measurement, the dissolved oxygen meter should turn the sensor head upward and tie it to the cable to prevent bubbles from staying on the surface of the dissolved oxygen membrane;

11. The dissolved oxygen meter requires stirring when measuring. Proper stirring is beneficial to obtaining true dissolved oxygen readings.

 online dissolved oxygen meter

The dissolved oxygen analyzer is a portable dissolved oxygen analysis instrument in water, which is widely used for on-site rapid quantitative measurement of dissolved oxygen concentration in distilled water, purified water, drinking water, domestic water, production water, circulating water, seawater, surface water and wastewater.

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