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How to choose multi-parameter water quality analyzer

The multi-parameter water quality analyzer is an instrument that can detect multiple parameters of the water body. For example, some multi-parameter water quality analyzers have the functions of pH meter, ion meter, conductivity meter and dissolved oxygen meter.

benchtop multi parameter meter 

When choosing a multi-parameter water quality meter, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Test items

A multi-parameter water quality detector has multiple uses. In theory, the more items it can detect, the better. However, when choosing, we should choose cost-effective products that meet the most commonly used functions based on actual needs.

2. Intelligent detection and automatic identification

Multi-parameter water quality detectors with intelligent functions can greatly improve work efficiency.

3. Data management and communication peripherals

As the types of measurements increase, data storage and management functions become necessary. Multi-parameter water quality detectors with large-capacity data storage and convenient data viewing, management, and deletion functions can save a lot of workload.

4. Waterproof, dustproof, power-off protection, etc.

The multi-parameter water quality detector with waterproof, dustproof, power-off protection and other functions can adapt to a variety of test environments and is safer.

5. Measurement range, accuracy and other parameters

Parameters such as measurement range, instrument precision and accuracy must also be considered.

handheld multiparameter meter 

Multi-parameter water quality meters are also divided into portable multi-parameter water quality meters, desktop multi-parameter water quality meters, industrial online multi-parameter water quality meters and other types. We should choose an appropriate water quality multi-parameter instrument according to our own measurement environment.

automatic multiparameter analyzer

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