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Calibration Tips for Water Hardness Tester

Water hardness refers to the total concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water samples and is an important indicator for water quality testing. Water hardness tester is a commonly used water hardness testing equipment.

 digital water hardness tester

Calibration tips for water hardness analyzer:

1. Make sure all standards and samples are at the same temperature to reduce errors.

2. It is recommended to use a magnetic stirrer for calibration operations, however the important thing is to set the stirrer to low speed.

3. Before sample measurement, ensure that the electrode is thoroughly cleaned with deionized water. Since the residues in high-concentration solutions are relatively large, it is better to clean it several times.

4. Prepare standards by serial dilution.

5. Make sure the electrode to be calibrated is at the lowest concentration standard for an hour before calibrating.

harness  tester for water 

The water hardness meter can easily and quickly test the total hardness concentration value in water quality. It uses the principle of colorimetry and the total hardness detection reagent to quickly and accurately test the total hardness content in water.

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