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How to Maintain a Conductivity Meter

The conductivity meter is an instrument that can accurately measure various liquid media, which is used to continuously detect the conductivity value in the solution. When equipped with a corresponding constant electrode, it can accurately measure the conductivity of high-purity water. It is widely used in scientific research and production in various fields. Then, how to maintain the conductivity meter so that it can play a better role in use?

handheld conductivity meter 

Key points for water conductivity meter maintenance:

1. When purchasing a conductivity meter, you should consider it based on your own industry characteristics and measurement functions so as to achieve the best results in use.

2. After each use, use enough clean water to rinse away the solution and debris accumulated on the electrode to prevent these things from remaining in the electrode, precipitating and forming a film, which will affect the measurement accuracy. Therefore, always keep the electrodes clean.

3. Temperature has a great influence on conductivity measurement. Temperature compensation should be carried out and the temperature should be kept constant during the measurement. The conductivity meter cannot be placed near a heat source. Pay attention to changes in weather and temperature, because the high temperature weather may affect the measurement accuracy.

4. Avoid contact between the conductivity meter and organic solvents, keep the instrument clean, and handle it carefully. Dropping or violent contact may cause damage to the conductivity meter and affect its precision.

benchtop conductivity meter 

Lab conductivity meter can be widely used in drinking water and sewage, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, sugar, steel, surface treatment, steam power generation and electronic products, semiconductor, pharmaceutical industry.

pen type conductivity meter

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