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Precautions for using Karl Fischer Titrator

The Karl Fischer titrator is an electrochemical instrument that detects the moisture content in the sample through the quantitative reaction of the Karl Fischer reagent. It has the advantages of high precision, fast response and simple operation.

 auto moisture titrator

Precautions for daily use of Karl Fischer moisture analyzer:

1. The Karl Fischer reagent needs to be replaced regularly, which is subject to the machine reminder. When the reagent is lower than 20%, it is recommended to replace it with new Karl Fischer reagent.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning of the reaction pool, use alcohol to clean it, and dry it with a dryer before use.

3. The working environment should avoid strong magnetism, so as not to interfere with the normal operation of the instrument.

4. Before each use, the water vapor in the internal air needs to be reacted first. If the reaction does not end, please check whether it is sealed well, and check whether each interface is sealed.

 digital karl fischer titrator

5. When measuring the moisture content of the oil, it is recommended to rinse the sampling needle twice with the sample, and then inject the sample into the reaction pool to improve the accuracy and avoid other interference.

6. If the sample to be tested is solid or liquid with poor fluidity, it is recommended to use a vaporizer together to react the water vapor in the sample, and then pass it through the Karl Fischer reaction pool.

karl fischer titration system

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