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How to choose a turbidity meter

Turbidity refers to the degree of obstruction of suspended matter in water when light passes through. The turbidity of water is a very important parameter that reflects the quality of water. The turbidity meter is used to measure the scattering degree of light produced by insoluble particulate matter suspended in water or transparent liquid, and can quantitatively characterize the content of these suspended particulate matter.

 handheld turbidimeter

Turbidimeters can be divided into portable, benchtop and online turbidimeters. Benchtop turbidity meter is generally used for laboratory testing of turbidity, while portable turbidity meter and online turbidity meter are generally used for on-site testing. Portable turbidimeters are used for discontinuous testing, and online turbidimeters are used for continuous on-site turbidity monitoring. It can monitor turbidity in real time and continuously, and is generally used in waterworks, sewage plants, channels, water conservancy facilities, flood control monitoring, pools, etc.

 turbidity meter price

The water turbidity meter are mainly used for water quality turbidity determination in environmental protection departments, industrial water determination, turbidity test in wine making industry, and can also be used in pharmaceutical industry, disease prevention department, hospital clinical laboratory and other reagents and preparations for turbidity determination.

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