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ZDJ-5B Series Automatic titrator

ZDJ-5B Series Automatic titrator

ZDJ-5B Series Automatic titrator

Functions: ZDJ-5B (Support potential titration ) ZDJ-5B-D (Support conductivity titration and potential titration ) ZDJ-5B-Y (Support dead-stop titration and potential titration ) ZDJ-5B-G (Support photometric titration and potential
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ZDJ-5B (Support potential titration)

ZDJ-5B-D (Support conductivity titration and potential titration)

ZDJ-5B-Y (Support dead-stop titration and potential titration)

ZDJ-5B-G (Support photometric titration and potential titration)


Users can select appropriate model according to the actual needs:






Titration unit

Built-in burette pipeling

Can expand external burette pipeling

Burette integration

10ml/20 ml to be selected

Signal unit

Potential module

Conductivity module




Optical module




Dead-stop module




Temperature module





Control unit

7’’ color touch screen

Computer software control

Titrate mode


Pre-titration (Dynamic titration)

Preseted Endpoint Titration

Constant Titration

Blank Titration

Manual Titration

Custom Titration

Titration method





Data storage








Automatic sampler


U disk hardware upgrading



n 7 “ color touch screen, navigational operation; Real-time display test methods, titration curve and measurement results;

nContains one set of built-in burette pipeline, can develop to two sets of burette pipeline (optional, external);

nIt is valve-burette integration that user can change directly, which reducing the problem of interference between different solutions in different titration. It supports various burettes 10ml, 20ml.

nSupports potential titration; Supports Pre-titration, Preseted Endpoint Titration (EPSeted Titration), Blank Titration, Constant Titration, Manual Titration, etc; Supports self-built dedicated mode;

n Supports acid and alkali titration, oxidation-reduction titration, precipitation titration, complexometric titration and non-aqueous titration with different kinds of electrodes. Supports users to create, edit, copy and consult titration method; Supports the pH measurement function;

nSupport U disk, allow read-write of titration method and titration results.

nThe meter has USB interface and RS-232 which can be connected to the computer. It is controlled by the professional software. It can display titration curve and its first and second derivatives on the computer. It can edit and modify the titration mode, and statistic.

nIt can save 100 sets of titration methods.

nData management function: it can store 100 sets titration methods, 200 sets of GLP titration results; It has statistical function, allows users to statistics, view, analyze and compare titration results.

nSupports Chinese and English Language; Supports user management functions, power protection function and self diagnosis function;

nSupports USB and RS232 connection to PC, two-way communication, supports USB plug and play, with special titration software;

nAutomatic sampler can be connected directly to realize automatic measurement of batch samples.



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